New Garry's Mod Server [SD] Roleplay


I have a new Darkrp server with custom jobs, weapons, and shipments. It has Wiremod, Neuroplanes + Hawx addon, Garrys Bombs (admins only), Npc spawner, guest map voting, Pp npcs and much more. The server is not 24/7, but I try to keep it up as much as possible. I would really like to have some more players and possibly more admins.

IP Address:
(Dynamic IP Address, Sorry)

Server Website:

Please donate generously

If you have any questions or comments, add Samidanny on Steam.

Neuroplanes has a long download (150 files) i might remove it.

Let me ask you this. What makes your DarkRP server any different than the 3000+ that already exist? I’ve seen nothing posted that makes me even want to consider donating.

And, seriously? Even the shittiest clans have their own web pages that aren’t complete shit.

Let me ask you this. Did I ask for your opinion? My server does not need people like you to criticize. And for your information, I already have 30+ regular players. Also, I use because I don’t want to pay just for a server. I have better things to spend money on.

You do not get 30+ players, don’t lie, you suck at it. If you were getting that many players, you wouldn’t tell us you needed so much more. Second of all, if you want people to join your server, accept constructive criticism so you can make your server less shitty.

Actually I have had a max of 36 ppl but server lagged so i lowered max. This criticism is not constructive at all and it doesnt help in any way

It doesn’t help you because you don’t know how to use it. Instead of being a complete asshat, why don’t you actually listen?

  1. Your website sucks. Period. I could piss in the air and have it land on a site better than it.

  2. Your server sucks. There are at least 1000 other DarkRP servers claiming to be the best one, claiming to have the best shit, yet they only ever have 2/30 people.

I don’t buy the, “The server lagged at 36 people so I lowered it.” bullshit. I’m getting so tired of seeing these server owners who are so fucking arrogant, it clogs their ears. Your server sucks. Prove me wrong. Prove to me that your server does not suck.

Okay idrc what you guys say. Ive gotten some new people from this and they dont think it sucks. If you dont beleive it its not my problem

Here are my thoughts

For starters it’s DarkRP, most servers are ran very poorly, so expect alot of negative criticism here, no one wants to see another poorly ran server added to the list.

I can already see the abuse from here, NeuroPlanes are fun, but they are not for an RP server, unless of course you could allow people to buy a plane, and make sure they can only buy one, but even then you would need a map with a large skybox even to use them, I can guarantee people will be spamming planes, crashing them into things, or using the weapons to kill everyone.

Why should people even join it then, they could just join one of many other DarkRP servers that are actually “dedicated” servers. Chances are this is hosted on your Desktop or a computer you use and you don’t wish to leave it run all the time.

This is pretty much the kicker right here, what happens if you end up getting people on your server and its doing pretty well and all of the sudden… uh oh, IP changes… there goes all your players until they can find the server again, most will just assume the server has been shut down and go else were.

This also shows you may be hosting this on a residential connection. Most ISP’s do not allow you to host a server on home connection, they will either block ports or a have a bandwidth cap… or both.

You have the slot count set to 25 on your server, after doing a simple IP whois it shows you are running on SBC Global (Now AT&T), which means it’s DSL… I have a feeling your upload speed is fast enough to support about 7-8 players without dropping, none the less try doing anything else on your connection while your server is busy… good luck, game servers use alot of bandwidth, you should really double check with AT&T and make sure they do not have any bandwidth caps or you will be SOL if you hit it.

The last thing, your website not much more to say about it… but there are other free hosts our there besides, regardless you should at least get a hosting plan or find a free plan that offers a MySQL database so you can atleast run a small forum or maybe even a simple Wordpress side or something.

Anyway, I wont go into it much more, I have already seen too many problems that will prevent your server from lasting long… there is one more thing however, which also ticks alot of people off… this was on your “Donate page”

Giving admin or even co-owner away to people who pay is a BAD idea and it makes it seem like your only trying to make money off this, except to get abusive admins, little kids who pay about 10 bucks and get admin or worse.

Also, just checked and the ping on your server is about 300, and it has 0 players and you are calling it a “Serious RP” server, and you have it running on gm_flatgrass.

You continue to run it despite all that we have said… or you can flame at everyone who gives your server a bad review, if you don’t want to fix the problems everyone has mentioned… Good luck.

Okay finally someone who helped a little. I know its not a very good server, but there are many people that enjoy it. Ill try to fix whatever i can but this:

does not help at all. And about the ping i was downloading some stuff for the server at that time.

Get your head out of your ass. Seriously. Nobody wants to play on a home-hosted server with some faggot who can’t accept criticism. What do you WANT us to tell you? “Oh, your server is just marvelous! I enjoy playing with the whole 0 people that are always on it! It’s lag free, and reliable!”

yeah nobody… im playing right now with many people lemme screenshot

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wtf i dont have permission to upload any images

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and i just put server up 5 min ago

3 people. Good God it’s the next Woodstock.

When the player count hits about 8-9 you may see some major lag spikes kicking in, like I said above, you have ADSL, chances are your upload is below 1Mb, maybe around 800Kb or so. You’re not going to be able to sustain 8+ players very long the connection will start to drop and your modem will not be happy.


Everything so far is seems like another poorly ran DarkRP. No offense samidude the server is not good. I’ve been on it and the only thing I’ve seen so far is admins spamming GBombs, Train fucking everyone, the servers connection is horrid, like I said above, most players pings on the server are around 250 when its idle, as soon as people spawn things etc it jumps, I had to disable my playx client side due to them playing the same 3 songs over and over again, at one point the map was reloaded without ANY warning because

There are only 2 custom jobs, one of which basically is a copy of the “Civil protection” job and the other one is “hitman” with a error in the player model. The server is running on gm_flatgrass… the only thing that is different from a sandbox server is no noclip and jobs… you can’t even call this an RP server.

If you join this server, expect a long download of over 500 files, most of which you will not even use etc, then watch yourself get blown up over and again due to

Samidanny, even if you turn this into a Sandbox server, you still have many things you need to improve.

That’s just my two cents, good luck with everything

Just looked at your website

Hard time counting? And check the English on the admin rules, it’s horrible.

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Oh yeah you might want to protect that admin only thing a little more.

CrispexOps was being an asshole, but these other guys are right. You probably shouldn’t even advertise your server. With a healthy limit of 8 or 9 people, you might as well just play with your friends.

This isn’t just an average shitty DarkRP, its much worse. Seriously, Hawx? GBombs? What’s next? Add a buy-able nuke? I hear that scores high with all the good RPers.

This is why 99% of the DarkRP servers totally ruin the reputation of the other 1%.

PS. This server’s rules are really suspiciously looking like extracts from my server…