New GarrysMod Achievements

Hey as garry is bringing achievements to garrysmod he said he wants some ideas, so lets make this thread for everyone to give they’re ideas .

Heres mine. CRASH&b=Make you’re garrysmod crash 50 times&c=0&d=50&e=1215&f=1&short Exploder&b=Get Killed By Explossive Barrels 100 Times!&c=0&d=100&e=1008&f=2&short RolePlaying 10 Year Old&b=Join 10 Rp Servers&c=0&d=10&e=1311&f=1&short By MySelf&b=Be The Only Survivor Of A Nuke Explosion&c=l&e=1&f=2&short Has The Patience&b=Keep Holding The Voice Button For 30 Minutes&c=0&d=1800&e=1603&f=1&short Like Its Just You And Me Now CrowBar&b=Deplenish All Ammo Of All Guns&c=l&e=525&f=1

There is already a thread, look below this

It’s matt wild! That’s his steam avatar! I know he’s IP banned, but he’s operating from a friend’s laptop! I swear on my entire Steam game collection! It’s an alt of Matt!
Also, that’s one of his past aliases on Steam!

I would’ve thought it was cool, if you had the smarts to not capitalize every word in the achievements…

and fix your grammar