New garrysmod build server running 24/7

** Server is now up i.p - **

Hello i am running a new server for you gmodders if you are interested in paying a visit.

Here is some general info on the server

** MAP **

The map is currently bigcity wich will be the servers main map for a while, but if i get quite a few requests off of people for a certian map i might change it.

** ADDONS **

The servers main addons include

wire svn - CORRUPTED - removed but is being re-installed
phx3 svn

I have plans to add stargate to the server soon but only if the server gets enough people joining.
The server also has many minor addons.


I have no plans yet to change the gamemode to anything except sandbox.

** ADMINS **

The servers rules will be simple and reasonable, they are set to keep the server safe and running smoothly.

Here are the rules :

. No prop spamming
. No mic spam
. No unwanted deathmatching
. No using any wall hacks

The admins deal out punishments and bans fairly

Just to ensure people this server IS safe, no viruses or anything of that sort will be on the server

Please visit the server and give you’re feedback



How many other “minor” addons.


Well i am still adding more addons daily but there are 17 addons in total at the moment

and may i add the server also supports content for all source games.

so what makes this server differ from the hundred thousand other shitty servers? and what makes it differ from the 100 great servers?

Well for one reason we will be sure to keep the server safe and use our admin powers correctly, wich is much more than many servers do.

“More addons daily” also known as “Even regulars will have to download crap everyday, they’ll love that!”

No thanks.



No we’re not exactly adding massive addons we’re adding as i call minor addons such as stuff that is important like weight stool wich we don’t have yet.
And maybe i errored with what i said of daily its pretty much occasionally


Ok fine, maybe you don’t want to pay a visit to the server, thats fine no problem but some people actually like to join servers and have fun.


Server is nearly ready to open

Ill join!

(User was banned for this post ("Requesting exploits via PM. Planning to crash another member's server." - Benji))

Ok, well um the server is having a problem but will be up soon.

sounds like a fun serv, ill try to join when i get back home from vacation (aug 10)

Ok thanks, the server has now opened.



81 models
175 LUA.
37 textures.


I have SVN PHX3 and Wire, its up to date.


Tiberium tower? 'the fuck, that’s not necessary.

That’s not very nice.

I know i do not know what pack that came in but i’ll try remove it.


Tiberium and hoverboard will be removed, they are the main bulk of all the file downloads.

Uh. Seems like a shitty server to be honest. Why don’t yall join my server instead?

It’s pretty generic, but that’s what I was going for. I’m the only admin and I know how to build well and I know wiremod, so I help people who are on.