New Garrysmod Gameservers

We are a new gaming community looking to get some more active members. We are running two servers at the moment but are definitley planning on expanding when we get more active members. Our two servers are running a Custom version of DarkRP ( and PERP 3 ( Yes we have full permission to run perp from the owner. Also our clan website is

This thread has no content and thus looks like another DarkRP/PERP edit with nothing special whatsoever. You just broke 2 of the forum guidelines good job.

Go stick your head in a pig.

Err, Last time I checked all versions of perp are cracked.
Also, most people on FP don’t like Perp or DarkRP so if your looking for players go elsewhere.

Same with 1000x PERP and DarkRP servers. Good luck

No, thank YOU! This made me grin