New Garry'smod Update Crashes Hammer!!! [NEED HELP]

[First post!!!]

[{The problem is fixed! Thank you to everyone who jumped in for the problem!}]

Alright enough with the celebration. I have a major problem with Hammer that just happened today. Garry’smod (Gmod) just had a minor update for bug fixes, and it seems that Hammer no longer can open or make new maps. It can’t recognize HL2 textures or resources even though I reset the directories 1,000’s of times!!! My map has messages that say “Fatal Errors with WireFrame” every time I open or create a new map. I tried actually opening Gmod to maybe refresh the files for the update, but the same thing happened when I opened Hammer again. I even tried re-downloading SDK and filling the directories again. I really need to finish my new map!

Am I the only one? Is anyone else having the same issue?

Thanks in advance for any solutions

Below is a picture of the error window in which it crashes…

Just map for ep2 you dingus

Don’t use the GMod hammer; it’s never worked properly.

What would be a “Good” Hammer to use?

CS:S, EP2, TF2, it doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t use the GMod or old SDK one. I prefer CS:S, but it’s a personal choice.

If you don’t own HL2, CSS, etc. You can download Source SDK base 2013 multiplayer from the tools section on steam then launch hammer.exe from it’s bin folder.

Ok thanks! I’ll try it!

While it may seem arbitrary as you may not be interested in propper, nevertheless, it can be used as a regular hammer. And it works, perfectly. Never noticed a difference after it worked. If you really wanted to use this tutorial to its max, you just use a couple of entities that come with propper, other than that it’s like your old favourite hammer. It can be launched through SDK too. It may seem like it will be a tedious fix, but trust me; beats having to trawl through folders when you can have this magical thing.

Everything is working fine! I had to decompile the map bsp and now it works 100% Thanks to everybody for the help!