New GMod Comedy: Journey Of The Imposters From The Netherworld - Episode 1 - Check it out!

Heyo Facepunch,

Just releasing the first episode of my new GMod Machinima Series.

This is the channel,

This Movie is badass and is my first official full length release

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There isn’t much else to say :S, just give me a heads up if you think Episode 2 should go ahead :smiley:

Wrong section, mate.

you should post it in this subsection instead:

I put it in the Screenshot and movies section, so It cant be the wrong section :smiley:

I will remember for next time :smug:

The pacing is terrible. I stopped at 3:00 minutes in

not funny and way too dragged out

Yes, when doing this type of video, the jokes need to be quick and dragged out as little as possible.

My friend was right, nothing pleases some people, I put a lot of time and effort into that. and if you are going criticise me, then give me something to build on.

I am working on Episode 2, taking on board the pacing issues.

Thanks to the people that actually watched it all before commenting :D.


I did say that it was my first video, I tried my best and It was a lot better than 1000s already on youtube.


Taken onboard, thanks for your comment.

Needs more effects and quicker jokes. As Captain Om Nom said, needs to be quick and dragged out as little as possible. It could be tweaked in a lot of places, just keep working on it, it has potential.

Thanks for the feedback guys, It is appreciated !

Your welcome, i just wish your friend who made it took our advice as well as you do. (I posted a comment, he removed it and spammed me.)

I am the guy that made it. But, I didn’t delete or spam anyone?

it good but takes a little bit too long to get into it


I no where that kid lives up the computers vagina

Scenes are stretched out and not very funny.