New Gmod/Hammer Machinima: UNSC Nexus

We are currently looking for recruits.
Do you think you have what it takes?
Send a e-mail to say what you want to do and and give a example.
Done any GOOD acting before? Or made some good maps? Just send us your work, and we’ll tell you if you can join or not. And the best of all: there is nothing to loose! so kick your self out in the battlefield!
Oh, and one more thing: you need some time!
We are currently only in Europe, but if you are American (Texas would be GREAT!) don’t hang up in the time differances.

What are you trying to make?

Wow, there are so many things wrong.

and try getting more than 1000 posts before you decide to hire someone for free.

accually no, for this isn’t only about mapping, it’s about voice acting ect. and i’ve got another account, just using this one specific for the machinima…

a Sci-fi series

I would prefer to see if you’ve done anything before I send you my maps. You say you’re looking for people with experience, to see see if we qualify. Do you? Have you ever done anything? I’d love to see some earlier work.

Sounds like another “idea guy”

Good job, you’re rallying a team up in exactly the WRONG way. You build up your reputation, you make your own stuff, you prove to people that you’re worth working with, and then you ask. You just joined and you have three posts. No one knows who you are. We hardly have any idea of what you’re trying to do.

The only thing you’re rallying up are dumb ratings. I suggest you work on your own for a while. That sounds mean, but no serious person is going to come to your aid.

Only children work for free.

Slaves work for freedom.

sure, can give you a picture of an idea for a corridor

and a video of it
and just to be clear, we are allready 8 people, 4 from UK 1 from Sweden and 3 from Norway.
Im just the story-wrighter/current project leader