New Gmod map in progress: The Laboratories

Hello! I am going to show you guys my new horror map: The Laboratories.
As a improvement of my previous ‘The House’, This map is based on haunted laboratories.
I made some hazardous chemicals and screamers that scared the shit outta me when i often forgot those x_x

Before some of you start hatin’, please remember: this map is in beta, and i wanted to show you guys what am i doing and what skills i already have.
I’m still learning Hammer, but i’m not so “noob” anymore. =)

I see some texture allignment problems and that door needs a frame.

And you call us trolls…?

I see you didn’t like that comment so i removed that.
I am right now working on the frames and the textures.
and i am repairing some door issues. =)

Ja puhun kyllä suomeakin =D

So what’s so scary about it?

Scary music.
and some smoke. hehe

Pissed my pants just by reading that, the pictures sure don’t show any spookiness.

three words: BETA. In Progress.

Thats bit cliche for scary enviroment.
Real scary enviroment is hard to achieve and it doesn’t require jump scares and screams.

You’re right my Finnish friend, i’m adding more fog, water, some randomness like broken tiles, blood and stuff.

You should skip the zombies and screamers and just focus on the environment and ambiance to be more creepy that will get to you psychologically instead of a pop-up face or something.

I’m suggesting you to look at pictures of real labs and research facilities and underground bunkers.

hmm…ok. And it’s stalker that pops up. It screams like hell o_o

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I will add some test bottles, tables, some shelfs with vials in them, some sinks with water, stuff like that.

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And In the end there’s this ground floor which is like a lobby.
Just as an info.

I suggest getting some custom textures and shiz.

Atleast change those wooden doors to metal one, it looks out of place now

i used textures from GoldenEye: Source.
One problem is that i am still waiting for permissions to use them. (all credit goes to FourTecks)
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Doors changed!

So…what is this lab, where is it, what universe. If it’s human, then why have combine textures? If it isn’t in the hl2 universe, then get rid of the hl2 stuff.

Why are there chemicals under the tiles? Why is there a wooden door next to a room with a heavy blast door? Why is there steam coming from the wall? Why are the rebels there, why are the zombies there.

Let your map flow naturally, don’t force things. Black Mesa was a believeable environment because everything happened for a reason and everything stuck to a solid theme.

You’re comment inspired me to target that laboratory style and making what belongs there.