New Gmod RP Ideas

I have two good ideas for RP on gmod,

The first is RP Television, no not the shitty RT cameras, An actually TV with different channels to choose from. And to provide service to TVs there could be a tool the spawns Transmission towers and receivers, and to regulate the channels, it could be set up with a modded version of PC mod to choose which camera is on which channel. Also it would have to capture sound too, from players microphone and the environment. To add on to this idea it could also be hooked up to the youtube video player mod, to put music videos or other stuff on it.

My second idea is RP Electricity, For those of you who have played Spacebuild this is similar. You could have a power plant in a certain area of the map and run power lines throughout the map to power houses, and you’d make money from players for however much energy they used. The power could be hooked up to Lights, TV mod, PC mod, and other electrical things.

These are just my ideas on what would make Garrys mod really cool and fun to use and I encourage you to add on to these ideas. Hopefully one day these could be made

Electricity would be the more needed one, but TV could open up a whole new range of jobs.

TV : Tv controller, TV reporter, actor, etc.
Power: Electrician, power station manager, wirer, etc.

Both very good ideas, try posting in the Lua section about it :smile:

Some good ideas.

Might use them.

I had all of these ideas too long time ago ,but i scrapped them because i wasn’t that good at lua coding (not like the situation changed),and even because i had an headache on how complicated it would be coding all of those things for only one person. :suicide:
Great minds think alike.
PS:I’m not saying that you stole any of my ideas in any form possible,i’m just saying that i had 'em idea too.

i like the second idea, its like Space RP

Good Idea