New Gmod Rp server

Hello, i have new gmod rp server that is up mainly when im on computer.
its name is "—Pallokala— Roleplay server /Fin\ and the ip is :
this server runs GModRP mod and has no other mods or addons on it.
The map the server is running is rp_ovinscity_gmc4 and you cant download it from server so go to and download it.
its from finland so you guys from far away might have lag.
there is 20 player slots and only 1 admin and thats me.
thanks for reading and trying for those who try my server :slight_smile:

cool but don’t give admin to anyone =/

thanks, and why is that that i should not give admins?

Because if you’re running the server on your own comp, you should be able to administrate it by yourself just fine. For one.

Also, hello, fellow Finn o/

Thanks for the information and should i run gmodrp or darkrp on it? i dont know which one i should choose i have both on my computer but i cant just choose:)

Anything BUT DarkRP.

Yet your running Dark RP Rofl…

Ok. i Changed it now and thanks for the advice.

Evolution: how do you know that?

Well, now it is GModRP so there should be no dm in there. i just need players to the server:D

I’m playing there. Hippo, change GModRP to version 1.4, 1.5 BETA Crashes for me.

I changed it to non svn 1.5 it should work now.