New gmod series that im making (remake)

Hey guys, i just started making Gmod videos (comedy) and i thought it would be a good idea to start posting my videos here.
YES, this is my FIRST Gmod Video i have done. So please dont be mean :frowning:

Im gonna name the series “Trollolol” :slight_smile:

(BTW, i posted this same exact thread in the wrong place :(, im new to the forums and dunno that much about it)

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that wasn’t very good

Personally, I think it is just another copy of Das Bo Schitt. But he does so much stuff, its hard not to compare.

Needs better posing, faces ‘n’ all.

Godda try somthing better man.

im guessing he dident like the song

lol if oyu noticed there are all shirtless guys rubbing and touching jeffree star. :stuck_out_tongue: