New Gmod Server : Need Admins + Suggestions

I had an extra computer laying around so I put Windows Server 2003 on it, and I’m hosting a garrysmod server. It has an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz, 1GB ram, and 80GB hardrive. This should be fine for a single server. Also, I have fiber optic internet, and so far ping has not been an issue.

Me and some friends stress-tested the server, and were unable to crash it. It’s running very smooth, everyone has great pings, no lag, and it runs 24/7 no random crashing.

I’m looking for anyone interested in helping me manage (co-own) the server, and give me suggestions and ideas. I can install any addons/gamemodes (including SVN) onto the server, and I know how to edit the cfgs and lua, I’m really just looking for some suggestions and people to help me start this thing off.

I can make it any amount of slots (reasonable) needed.

I would really like it if you owned a mic, and were able to speak to me through a ventrilo (I’m also hosting) if possible.

Looking for mature, experienced people willing to put some effort to get this thing going.

Thanks for reading,

Windows Server 2003?

I would be interested. But first, tell me more about your server :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m looking forward to contact you on SF, if you are interested in dealing with me, I’m mature and over 18. If you can prove that you looking for the same mature helpers and assistance, maybe we will can reach a deal.

What is your steam login, so I can add you on my steam friends.

if its australian im in :slight_smile:
im a very good gmodder and usualy on it :smiley:
I Have mic etc and am admin on a few other servers so i know what im doing (:

I’m in…as long as its not RP as I have temporally /ragequit from all RP gamemodes.

Yes I have a mic, yes I can talk to you via Vent, yes I am mature, and yes I am experienced in both GLua and Server Administration.


Just uh…add me on steam and PM me on here if your interested…

I can help you get FastDL with Auto Map Download.
Its pretty cool, both my server’s have it.
I have unlimited webspace and i would be glad to let you borrow some!

Hey, I’ll contact you on steam.
I have a good offer for you.


Don’t get wire.

I awould be interested in being an admin or co-owner or even super-admin :smiley:
I own a a mic and I am very experienced with Garrys Mod servers and even gmod in general!

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