New Gmod Server (Need Help)

hello, i just bought my self a bran new 20 slot gmod server from this site: and they said if you want to make your self automatic admin (powerfull than superadmins) you need to go your server files and but your steam id there. but idk how. i know my steam id but idk where to enter it. they said its a text file but idk what they mean. can some one help?

please help…

im guessing… your brand-new to server hosting?

but, LEts start with the basics… which Admin Mod are you using? (ASSmod, ULX, Evole are popular)

ULX & Uilb

may i suggest… wire mod and phx
then you can add some tools for starters…Then you can look on Garry’s mod .org for anything else thats what i did. :slight_smile:

thanks for help but im want to know how to make my self automatic admin to my sever.

well you can do it by:
Rcon: rcon ulx adduser “” superadmin

or i think that there is some file… (idk, i use evolve :P)

where i find my rcon?

Rcon:“Remote Console”, you can access (log into) it through your game console via rcon_password “”

the password is defined in your server.cfg as rcon_password “”

nvm i found it. thanks =)