New Gmod update change physics and break Deathrun?


In the new updates recently of Gmod I’ve been lead to believe that it has had chnages to do with physics and other problems relating moving entities and player spawning. I will explain in further detail.

In my deathrun server there has been a lot of things going wrong. After these updates players where spawning in different locations of the map to previous and moving entities (traps) seem to glide by themselves or simply vanish. I am writing here because I need answers for my problem and I believe that this has to do with the latest updates. If anyone has caught anything out in the change logs in the recent updates regarding the physics or knows about deathrun maps not working with it. I have also checked the maps from the workshop and no updates have been published. Could this be a server side problem? please could you let me know.

I do not have any current images, if required I will do so,

Thank you for taking your time to read my question and I hope that I will get an answer or some more knowledge about this problem

Did your server used to crash a lot before the update?
Did anything get printed in console when it started happening?

Not at all, It was perfectly fine before the update.
Nothing got printed. It was as if it was normal for the server :confused:

Did it look like this?

Aha! That looks familiar to what happens to some of the traps. BUT it does not solve the random spawn points and the broken game rules e.g after a certain time if they are AFK at spawn they start to lose health, that would happen at the start of every round. (sorry for my terrible explaining)

Well what seems to be happening is that vphysics is completely crashing on your server. This could be caused by something I figured out the other day when working on an addon, and some other people have noted as well

Something in your gamemode is probably crashin g VPhysics by messing with the ShouldCollide hook wrongly. try PrintTable(hook.GetTable().ShouldCollide) on your server lua state and paste the output here.

The spawnpoints and damage could just be a byproduct of the traps moving weirdly on the server and damaging people, or vphysics just failing.

All console is showing to us: image removed for privacy (requested)

try running rcon lua_run PrintTable(hook.GetTable().ShouldCollide)
also use rcon_password to set the password

[ERROR] addons/libk/lua/libk/shared/0_sh_middleclass.lua:23: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

  1. pairs - [C]:-1
  2. PrintTable -
    3. unknown - lua_run:1

run it directly in your console:

rcon_password <insert rcon password here>
rcon lua_run PrintTable(hook.GetTable().ShouldCollide)

rcon lua_run PrintTable(hook.GetTable().ShouldCollide)
> PrintTable ( hook.GetTable ( ) .ShouldCollide )...

[ERROR] addons/libk/lua/libk/shared/0_sh_middleclass.lua:23: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
  1. pairs - [C]:-1
   2. PrintTable - addons/libk/lua/libk/shared/0_sh_middleclass.lua:23
    3. unknown - lua_run:1

Well um, something in addons/libk/lua/libk/shared/0_sh_middleclass.lua on line 23 is overwriting the default PrintTable, and creating an error…

try this

rcon lua_run for k,v in pairs(hook.GetTable().ShouldCollide or {}) do print(tostring(k), tostring(v)) end

Done, and the responce:

 [ERROR] lua_run:1: ')' expected near '<eof>'
  1. unknown - lua_run:0

Well apparently you don’t have any hooks, because of this code:

So I have no clue what else it could be, but it is probably vphysics messing up.

I don’t mean to bump this thread, but does anyone have a solution for this? My deathrun server is having this problem as well.

To add, nothing printed out from the console when I put in that command to find the ShouldCollide hooks.

The strange thing is that this only happens about 30% of the time on specific maps, where as the other 70% the map functions completely normally. Once the vphysics are broken though, they’re broken until the server is restarted. It looks exactly like the video you posted as well, meep.

I also have this issue and I don’t know what causes it. I’ve got nothing hooked to ShouldCollide.

Does it happen on the dev branch?

One of my players had this theory that it was a secret entity attached to a grenade on one of the holyshit maps. We’ve removed the holyshit maps from the server around a week ago and we haven’t had this issue since, so you could try that.

Thank you, I will try that now and see post the outcome shortly.