New Gmod update

The gmod update has some how stopped weapons etc on cider and now everything looks like a pistol. How can i fix this shit. Why did we even need a gmod update it was fine.

Same problems with My custom madcows beta 3 SWEPs. All holdtypes are like pistols. Click on my name and check my most recent thread. If I find a fix, i’ll tell you.

For gods sake people.
Making countless threads about it on all gmod related forums on the internet won’t fix it sooner.
Just wait.

Did anyone else find there was an update? today

I get the same problem STUPID SHIT!!!

Instead of complaining, you could nicely ask in the Lua forum how to fix it. The update was good, it will help a lot in the future.

I ain’t complaining i just said there was an update if you read.

There are like 50+ posts about how to fix this issue already.