is apparently “fucked”

Not really.

I think you might be misunderstanding lol.

I’m pretty sure NGUI is what we currently have, and they’re saying “fuck you”.

regardless of how it was meant…i find it humorous all the same

Yes, NGUI is what we currently have and it is shit. They hated it so they decided to make the new one.

Should be much cleaner, less resource intensive and easily accessible.

And I am sure it was meant to be humorous. lol

Pointless thread! ^^^^^^^^^
Pointless post. <------------------------

Informative and funny. Ty

Welcome new GUI which is same as old GUI! Also that flat design ala windows 8 makes me mad,its a survival game,it should have guts…

Wondering if maybe the, “Fuck NGUI,” card was meant to be listed as completed when they had something new so they could scrap it? If so, it’s marked as complete, so the new GUI could possibly be finished? :dance:

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Either that or it was just a public way for them to humorously bash NGUI :stuck_out_tongue:


What the hell is that?

Anyway, I like the GUI. BUT! I do agree it needs improvements such as:

-Better looking style
-Fixed for higher resolutions (Fixing the text)
-More options Ex. Easy item (or weapon) swap

The official page for NGUI.

Fuck NGUI.

It’s NGUI – It’s the Unity asset package that Rust is currently using for the GUI.

Was that not obvious from the big title at the top of the page? :zoid:

There were a lot of UI bugs with ngui. The constant element position shifting in response to certain UI interactions and the appearance of the old UI made it less than ideal.

People still said the ngui one was better than the DayZ interface.

NGUI is what Rust currently uses. They are migrating to DFGUI instead. Garry Newman tweeted something to the effect of “Now NGUI can finally fuck right off”