New Guitar --- admin command?

Does anyone know how the admin can spawn the guitar – what’s the item name code for the inventory.give command to spawn it?

It’s in the item list under Misc if you hit F1

I see that but when I type it with inventory.give it doesn’t work …I’ve tried guitar_acoustic …acoustic_guitar and also guitar.acoustic and just guitar. Pretty much I’ve tried all the combos for inventory.give and it comes back invalid so I need to know the exact item code name to call it from inventory. I can spawn all other items but the guitar so I know how to do this but the command has to be the exact code for the item. I need to hear from other server admins that have been able to spawn the guitar and how they have done it.

update: I guess no one knows how to do this. :frowning:

Click F1 > item List > Misc > click box 1 where it says Acoustic Guitar… tada!

As for using inventory.give I too have given up :slight_smile:

nice I just figured that out – didn’t know you could spawn from the list – dah! Thanks for posting up, hopefully will help someone else.