New Guns?

Just a suggestion, but I think that there should be some more weapons in Rust that can counter the AK besides the bolt. Maybe some mid-tier carbines or repeaters that fires large pistol rounds like a 44 mag. Yes I know they are working on that semi-auto battle rifle thing but it looks higher tier. My suggestion is something about the price and availability of a SMG but more accurate and powerful however with shorter range than high tier AKs and bolts. Is this a good idea, stupid, or wishful thinking?
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Also I don’t know if the image worked… if not the link has picture.

I would like to see a tripod mounted Gatling gun, would require 5 or 6 bolt actions to make and take a bit to set up and break down so not very portable. It’s a logical step In The arms race in rust, it’s the kind of technology that our naked mcgivers could build in their little stone workshops