new guy go easy

hey well im new to face punch and i joined so that people can help me be a better poser for gmod pictures i have seen some on the site and they were TRULY AWESOME.Here is one of my new pictures. I know that i will most likely get alot of bad comments about this picture but thats the point so you guys can help me make my pictures look AWESOME,more realistic and overall EPIC like many many other pictures on face punch

i am not retarded i can see that there some mistakes but im sure you guys can help me improve.Thank for looking at this thread im off to watch godfather 3 goodnight
good people of face punch

Not bad, just don’t use Gm_construct.

Turn up your settings

up settings
stay off of construct unless you use darkroom for lighting practice
post in “Don’t want to make/Doesn’t deserve a thread” thread.

First: Unless it’s for comedic effect or showing off new skins/models/etc., don’t pose anything on gm_construct.
Second: Even if it turns your computer into snail-like jelly, boost you graphics settings before taking a picture. This will give it a nice, finished look and feel, the kind of approach that professionals like to use.
Third: You’re posing is actually really good. I like how you used the ingame effects for the blood on the dragon’s head, as well as the Depth of Field for the background.
The best advice I have for you is this: Study the tutorials for photoshop and posing religiously, pay attention to constructive criticism, and just ignore asshats trying to bring you down. Your first pose is way better than mine, you’ve got a lot of potential, friend. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say ‘study’, per se, as just from practice I’ve seen people (using my friend as an example) go from this:[/t]

in literally only 10 days. Practice, IMO, is a better word than study.

Yes, quite true. God, I feel like Dr. Mobius right now, forgetting something ridiculously simple and obvious like that…

thanks guy,s i really was not expecting this much good feedback i will post more pictures soon but my computer is actual really bad so i really cant turn up the setting,s that much but i am getting a new processor and gfx card in about 2 weeks.And i dont have photo shop i dont use it so if anyone can give me a link to download it that would be well appreciated and next time i will post this in Don’t want to make/Doesn’t deserve a thread.I will most likely get more pictures up soon as i actually LOVE posing and taking pictures so thank you guys stay tuned if you still want to help me on my grand quest bye :smile:

Have you tried Gimp for this instead, because it’s free and has everything Photoshop has. Well nearly everything but best of all it’s free.

well…i cant post pic,s for a while because as you gmod people out there most likely know GMOD IS BROKEN for the time being because a crappy update so when gmod is back online i will make more screen thank you goodbye

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Use another map :v:

His posing is still not the best, apparently, but it is definitely improving.