New guy here

Hi, I’m new on the forums and Gmod. I just got it today and I had some problems with it (not bugs. I can’t find any multiplayer servers that don’t require a few hundred files for download. Can someone help me?

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - PLing))

Don’t make introduction threads. Aside from that, sounds like you don’t have PHX or Wiremod.

Download PHX and WIRE. And read the downloads and then go to and find those models. Maybe that will shorten it.

Sry to bother everyone again but mind posting the link to the mod and tutorial if any? Thanks. I’m not sure which PHX and I don’t want to get Wire cos it’s too troublesome. -_-

This isn’t an introduction thread.

Wire isn’t troublesome. it’s just a bit hard to begin with. but still you must have it otherwise you’ll still have to download hundreds of files everytime. besides, you don’t have to use the wiremod.

ok thank you lol I’ll just get the wire mod then.

DON’T get it from Go to, there is a big link to a tutorial on how to use SVN.

Didn’t I already tell you to be more descriptive in the thread title? Write the problem you have in the thread title so people who can help can find your thread.