New guy on the block

Hello! I’m trainguy111. I plan to purchase Gmod, due to things I’ve heard that you can do with it. I also have some new ideas for stuff I want to see on Gmod.

Ok, so what do you want us to do?

Glad to see you’re getting gmod, it’s really fun, there’s many things to do, and if you have an idea share it with us :buddy:.

Uhh… hi?

Nice to hear that another is joining the Garry’s Mod community, but honestly, why make a forum post about it?


I couldn’t find the introduce yourself section.

Because there isn’t one, there’s thousands of users here, people aren’t going to care about one more.

Hey, if you want to find some servers that are recommended by gmod players visit here

Some good ones.

Welcome to gmod, the wolrd of creation, some things you might “require”
GMOD of course…
for advancments you can use

  1. PHX
  2. Wire
  3. Adv duplicator.
    Hope this helps you

I’m sure he’d like to be introduced to the world of gmod, not the wolrd. Now introduce him.

Hello welcome to gmod. have fun and shit, not good at introductions

Welcome, to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

…And for the love of god change that avatar from the default one.