New Gyropod E2

[li]I want basically a e2 chip to do what the advance gyropod does but be more stable . the advance gyropod has a high tendency to crash the server. even better would be a e2 chip that does all or at least most of the functionality of the advanced gyropod and a parenter (or perm ploy weld, not sure which is better). Basically after said e2 chip is laid down , you would wired up the controls for flight, however you’d like, the e2 chip would parent, measure and adjust weight accordingly. [/li]Playing on space build servers loses its fun when every time I build a ship and go to get flight done with gyropod. server crashes/
in terms of gyropod functions. I’d like a toggle able mouse aim for pitch and yaw. auto lever and a freeze command to lock ship in place.
I have scoured ever gmod resource I could find to find something to replace the gyropod but nothing come close to what I need. , the auto parent portion is just a nice bonus to the code , because I think most people would do that sorta thing to a ship anyway.

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These aren’t preticularly hard to make. I strongly suggest that you look into it and make your own, because space flight is kind of a thing that requires high customization. When you make it fly, you make it fly EXACTLY how you want. I usually abandon dome of gyropods features when I make these, primarily the super fast slow down, and I give it a better hover instead of the frozen-in-mid-air feel. Anyway that’s my suggestion. It’s not as hard as you would think.