New hack being exploited

Just recently, i have witnessed a new hack being used on East Coast 3 by ‘The Preacher’ (, STEAM_0:0:83955794) which allows for placing objects through walls, and not only shooting people through walls, but now shooting anything through walls. This allows him to destroy beds, boxes and sleeping bags through walls and even objects placed under foundations. This is most likely due to a bug in the new update.

This looks like a secret way of getting a hack out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not a hack, its an exploit. Anyone can do it and its super easy and has been around forever.

I was getting killed my a hacker last night like this as well. While he was not placing stuff in our base he was able to headshot all of us through a 4 wall deep room.

Haven’t seen this but seems like something way more important than “Tried to fix shadows but made them worse so we left it like that” or “Added graphics commands that were already there so we’re hoping you don’t notice.”