New Hack is Out!! Now Admin cant do Anything....

Hey guys,
Our Clan get owned by a new hack… it allows the Hacker to change their Names so Admins can do a shi1 about it…
this hack can destroy the whole game now!
pls fix this fast…

So, what, like changing your steam name?

oh wait no that’s exactly what they do.

are you aware of what steam ID’s are?

your admin should get Rusty and jsut use a good old fashioned steam id ban instead of a name ban.

u cant identify the hacker because he can give the same name as u have… dont know how to report him so…

Except the only way to spoof a steam_id is to get a new account and pay for the game again. Ban systems can be added to servers that operate on that principle so getting rid of these people is simple and absolute.

ingame, hit Shift+tab(or whatever you have steam overlay bound to) go to view players, it now shows all players in the server. find said person(name could be timmy, or a bunch of russian letters, doesnt matter) and on his steam profile theres a great system known as STEAM ID. he can ban via that.
if you cant find his steamID, use the link j!nx posted and use his custom URL.

I think you can write “status” in the console and get steam id’s too, but im not sure on that

If you don’t know how to banid, you shouldn’t own a server.

i dont think he said anything about owning a server…

the only problem is, no one can identify who is the hacker. just saying, think before firing OP.

further explanation :
Obi is a good guy. Anakin join the server and spoof as Obi. Anakin killed Luke whether it’s legit or by hacking. Luke got mad and post screenshot/proof/hollywood editing video/orsomeshit, not to forget that Luke will mention something like > Obi killed me, Obi speedhack, Obi smile and wink at me or Obi <some shit>. Later on GoldenAdmin take a look, flying around or someshit on Obi. It could be real Obi, or fake Obi. And if it’s fake Obi, and the GoldenAdmin shift+tab and see Obi is on the server, yeah you know what happen next.

tl;dr the only problem is, no one can identify who is the hacker.

oh wait, dumb rating incoming.

It’s Anakin because Star Wars.

OP you do realize that there are hundreds of thousands of online games that let you change your name right?

Which is why reputable communities require you to post a pic of their steam id with the player complaint.

if there are two gaspara112 in game, which one is real? oh wait, genius! the one who live in the u.s.a

oh wait, there’s more. if the admin add gaspara112, and gaspara112 is saved by the genius admin move, then what can you do about it? you still couldn’t catch the hacker if he change to another name, or back to his original name.

nvm, VAC will handle this. not my problem anyway, im just typing someshit due to my insomnia.

You can use Rusty program to kick/ban this kind of hackers :slight_smile:

Someone has to own a server.
And the admins were apparently helpless, meaning they have p. incompetent admins.

Wow, just refresh the player list and see whose name keeps changing (by looking at the steam id)

It’s simple.

Get Rusty. It’s a beast of a tool.

You can view his previous nickname … i always check before doing anything.

A few different things come to mind.

  1. Checking the duplicate players steam profiles to see which one has used multiple names (shift+tab -> view players -> view profile). As long as both players are not constantly changing their name you may be able to identify the account who has attempted to steal someone else’s name by seeing the multiple steam names they have recently used. You can then ban them via SteamID.

  2. Oxide has a plugin which will not allow duplicate player names to be signed into the server at the same time. If you run Oxide, this is probably one of the easier options.

  3. You can log into the console with rcon, type status, and get check the connected time for both players who have the same name. I would say that the person who has been logged in to the server longer is likely the original person in most cases. This method isn’t fail proof since the legit player may have logged out and reconnected at some point.

  4. If you can see the person hacking in game, you can just kick one of the duplicate names and visually see if you kicked the right player. Kicking a player does not ban then, if you kick the wrong player they can just log back in. Once you verify which steamID is for the correct player you can ban that steamID and re-kick them if they joined back in.

As a server admin you don’t really have all the tools you need to have complete control over hackers. You pretty much have to use your best judgement and hope for the best until more tools are available for us.