There is a new hack that allows people to loot objects/people though walls. Make sure all chests and furnaces are at least 1.5 foundations away from the wall to avoid having your loot taken.
Be warned! Don’t let them get you!

(I have this on video but will not release it as it may show others how to do it it/how it works)

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And therefore, you’re preventing the devs from fixing it.

This has already been shown on Reddit I believe, video from the creator himself.

BTW, showing the video doesn’t hurt given you need the cheat to make it work.

Those who want to cheat will find it whether you post it or not.

I’m sure the devs are aware of it & if a moderate would like it I can send it to them as well. I will NOT be posting it for the world to see as that would only make it worst for players.

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People may find where to get the hack via the video. Therefore it hurts.