New hack

Me and my friends were playing normally we raided a wood 1x1 and out of nowhere we started getting damaged, we thought it was someone shooting from a foundation (you can glitch into them) and firing at us from there, but then my friend started firing at the ground and popped me, he never fired a shot according to him, he didnt even need to, we were inside a house looting shit, same shit happened a few minutes after from another guy, he would just pop people from across the map, but according to him he wasnt doing anything, we thought it was someone using his name, but later my other buddy fired some revolver shots at some naked dude and they redirected to me across a few mountains, it was incredibly weird, we think an exploit made it so his shots would redirect to other people but we have no actual idea what caused it.

If anyone experienced this please talk, we also experienced the fall hack, we would just stand around doing shit, i was killing a wolf when suddenly 50 hp lost, after like 2 seconds, 50 more hp.

Thers a new AA hack out that lets you attack anybody throu walls atm. Could be that?

It’s weird because it happened to my friends, like one of them was standing in our house and he just started firing at the ground and popped me, if he was aimbotting he would’ve killed everyone with the amounts of shots he fired but his body never moved, he was just aiming at the floor the whole time and one shot hit my head. It also happened a few minutes after with some dude i didnt know, he said there was someone using his name but no one was on the server with that name besides him, and then my friend started to shoot a naked and popped me through a mountain. They don’t hack, of that i’m certain we’ve played over like 150 hours together, we’ve gotten hackers banned and shit, but this was too weird. Their shots were getting redirected across the map.

Could be de-sync/ghosting that havent been fixed either.

Same exact thing happened with my friend apk while I was streaming to help catch cheaters on the server we were playing on.

As you can tell by the chat everyone thought I was hacking them. This new cheat needs to be fixed before more people get framed!

yeah i saw this too…

For f*cks sake… Everyone crying about hackers.
Just play on not servers were 200 people are active,
I haven’t seen a hacker in…? EVER!

it’s not a hack but a game bug. tell your admin to disable falling dmg

This was last night. I was online with you guys on this server. Strange phenomenon. lol =]

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Fall damage was disabled on the server that Xorex posted the video for. So, no dice with that solution.

Actually it’s a hack which a low amount of people use/have.
The point behind is to exploit bow that’s why you’re not dying instantly.
It’s basicly the same as the old “fall” hack just with another weapon.

Okay but I did… So?

I’ve never seen you…EVER! Are you real? Are we all real?
Is this real life?

Let’s put lockpicks, locked bags and remove zombies! - do not touch the hacks/cheats.

I don’t wanna be a hater here because I know how much the devs care about cheats and exploits but, to be honest, an anti-cheat program won’t fix as many cheats as if the devs had a look at the engine (or wherever it’s best, like the cheat’s program itself) to find the flaws these programs take advantage of.

Is this just fantasy?

this happened to me too as soon as i stepped out of my hut (i was standing between it and a mountain no line of site to me from anywhere) i got killed, super gay. all these faggot hackers are going to ruin this game