New hacking problem

This thread not about 1 hacker but new issue when you can’t report hacker cause steam and F7 shows no player with such nickname.


He destroying bases one by one with unlimited rockets on “Facepunch Moscow 6” and killing people with autoaim while noone could report him.

If he is on an official server it is only a matter of time.

yodafart9, it is official. Problem 1 is that he gonna destroy many clan bases on server (and people will leave atleast this server) and problem 2 is that noone can report him cause noone knows his steam id, we just watching and waiting. In a mean time I hear more rockets nearby =(

Hope developers would find and remove way of hiding real nickname.

why cant anti cheat detect cheats ?

whats the point in having it if it is not clever enough to realize that players the code as been changed at some point to enable for cheats ?

I hope Garrys mob put more effort into anti cheat when the game is nearer finished

umm, it does exactly that?

It does detect cheats, it just doesn’t ban the player for at least a week unless they get reported. Which is fairly stupid if you ask me.

It actually takes so long because the anti cheat has to check data packets and such to actually confirm if something suspicious is actually a cheat. That is why cheats are updated frequently: to evade detection.

EAC and VAC try to weed out, say, an actual fly hack versus someone who actually accidentally got launched into the air. Sorry that they didn’t go with E-Gestapo Anti Cheat, which bans for pressing anything but start on the title screen, among other overly harsh things.