New hacks.... Gamebreaking?

Long range hacks, and some signs of random suicides. This is very annoying and I know it will be patched soon, so I guess if anyone was wonder what was going on this will answer it to a certain extent.

Ive heard of random suicide hack and i think its been patched for awhile now, but ive havent heard of the long range yet

Yes but apparently its back

Well an easy fix for that was to just turn off fall damage

i know there is a hack/cheat to shoot through walls, not sure if this is related though

I didn’t mind the speed/fly/esp hack because you were atleast somewhat safe in your own base but now the fuckers are shooting us through our own walls ughh.

i wish it didn’t bother me that much but its different when you lose your shit to a cheater and not a legit player you can say “GG” to and mean it.

Yeah I mentioned this few weeks ago but no one seemed to notice them then. They can shoot through walls and to make it worse, it changes your name every few kills so it makes it harder for admins to ban you.

Also had this problem on the old server I played on, utterly game breaking…

Can you try and provide evidence the suicide hack is back?
I wouldn’t have thought after a patch of it they would bypass it so quickly.