NEW hacks! no way to ban them

last few days we have been getting players join our server and cause chaos and theres been nothing we can do about it and our host multiplay cant do anything either.

they join the server and it simply says “user connected” no name or steam id and no way to ban or kick them they where demanding money for them to leave.

the server also breaks after a few min of these players connecting and we have no choice but to wait until they leave.

the server even got wiped after we restarted, i suspect the hacks they are using is simply breaking the server as the rcon is flooded with requests

they also have the usual rust hacks where they have aimbot esp and all the rest.

this new hack has broken the game completely when they join and is driving away the small community of players we have worked so hard to get.

we need a fix for this as it has the potential to make the game unplayable if this hack becomes wipe spread like so many other cheats

That sounds interesting… So they manage to evade steam auth? I’m sure someone can make an oxide plugin that checks for a name and steam id and, if missing, denies access to the server, right?
Can you provide example log of this issue?

get on the server shift+tab(or w/e bind you have to open the steam overlay) view players and check for one that has no name , you should still see the view profile button so you can still get him

This thing is old he uses a symbol that doesn’t appear on the server I think it was this one ♛ can’t remember exactly tbh.

I’ve been having the same issue on Multiplay. I’m also not sure if it’s something different but I had a guy come in the other day and literally crash the server. He posted a message in chat “Hey admin, watch this.” and boom the server went down. It’s pretty sad how easily assholes can abuse the game.


You can ban them easy on multiplay. Go to players list on multiplay web page. The no names all the time on first player list page. Find the no names and click on kick / ban > done.

I know what OP is talking about and its not what ur guys are saying. he’s using a hack to literally alter the game on connect. I already saw one guy doing this on my server and i had to add a plugin to display steamID on connect as well with nickname so i could ban his steam id.

He’s not connecting with no name he’s simply flooding the server.

What he is doing is simply spamming connect until the server floods and crash.

OP : Simply add a plugin that tells users steam id on chat when a player connect and ban his steam ID.

PS: Also add a plugin to block custom nicks joining your server because in order to do this they need to use the

on their nick. simply block " \ " and add steam id on connect and your problems are solved. When i get back home i’ll copy the logs and you guys will see exacly what i’m talking about.

It sounds weird for me to say “Simply” now. Thanks for that.

Well if they’re using aimbot and all the other hacks like you’ve said, VAC would ban them anyway.

I’m no expert on what VAC detects or doesn’t but I’m quite sure that if they aren’t out there yet, sooner or later there will be undetectable hacks for Rust. Or at least that’s what I fear most.

I’ve encountered more and more hackers with an unscratched steam profile in Rust and I hear similar stories from friends who admin servers that hackers are getting trickier.

Chances of it happening are small but I really do hope Rust gets the minor updates necessary to at least make sure there’s no such thing as undetectable hacks :\

They arent really getting " trickier" they are simply finding new ways to exploit the game. The game is broken and not being updated for almost a year already :v . Most of those hacks are simply exploiting the game and not really " hacking ".

I’m sure that when experimental gets fully playable things will be much nicer.

That’s what I meant with “trickier”, they’re finding new ways to cheat. (I’ll try call it cheating instead of hacking, my bad)

we just got hit again today and in the last week we have dropped for a server of 60+ at peak times down to about 30.
they arnt changing there names via steam to invisible ones for in game they have no names at all and where there steam id are they have names or gibberish there, they come on kill every1 via the usual hacks and crash the rcon so we cant see who is on the server at all until we restart it and we get this repeating over and over in console.
NetworkException: Can’t execute this command on a non-authoritative Player Unassigned (0)
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

we can now how ever kick the players via console commands been manually done but its hard to do when u cant see any1 in the player list , been copying the logs and searching for users who connected and didnt have a steam id, issue is tho after all that they just reconnect and we cant ban them as the ban list only works on steam ID’s and they just change there name once we get on the ball with kicking them.

if it continues we may have no choice but to move to modded
included a screen shot of the hacker connected when i was on
also the guy gibby is something to do with it as we have banned him a few times now and he changes his steam id , he was also the one asking for money to stop the hackers, tried to tell us he had made a program to stop these hackers and he would show us first if we gave him the rcon password

i figure this is obvious but “don’t negotiate with terrorists”, ie no matter what don’t give any access to your RCon to anyone you don’t trust.

personally i would start with gibby if you think he is related. ban the crap out of him in every incarnation, since you can actually knock him off. as for the rest, im sorry, not sure what to suggest. you have my sympathy.

Yeah, we really can’t just rely on VAC bans. Takes far too long to kick in. I know the dev team is working on the new version and all but it would be really great if they could just spend a few days back on the old version to make it a bit harder for the hackers. It really is a plague at the moment.

With just a bit of work they could ease so much suffering.

A few days on legacy is a few days that are effectively wasted.

Legacy is a dead end. Experimental is the way going forward.

Every moment the devs spend on legacy is time spent on something that won’t be a part of Rust when the Early Access tag comes off. The game is in alpha and you need to stop expecting it to be a mid-beta experience. Hackers are going to be a thing, but they’re far from a high priority for the devs if they’re on legacy, at this point. The hackers are pathetic shits, yes, but you’re expecting too much.

Besides, experimental is already running EAC, and garry’s contracted the EAC guys to provide active support for Rust. He pays them to find, detect, and ban for cheating. That’s what’s different this time around. And the reason it’s not being added to legacy is, legacy is dead so it’s a frivolous use of developer time.

If you’re not having fun in legacy, stop playing for at least a little while, or until experimental hits parity with legacy. You don’t have to play Rust, there are many other games out there.

It would mean the new Rust gets here 1% later than it would have. In the mean time, no, legacy isn’t dead, it is alive and well for those I play with. You sound like you’ve given up playing it so you think everyone else should. The devs have said they’ll probably never remove original Rust.

the point is that legacy has a flawed foundation; it was literally cobbled together with standard unity parts to get a concept out there. it took off, and they made a mint out of it; now they can make more games, and put more funds into each of them to yield a higher quality product.

its not how much work they would have to put into closing the current holes in the program, it is the idea of putting any hours into a dead project (which it is really in terms of development. they have no intention to expand upon it because they are rebuilding it from scratch in experimental). especially given that it’s not just a matter of plugging them, but constantly monitoring for new hacks and fixing the problems at least as fast as people figure out ways to exploit them. that’s not just an uphill battle, its an impossible one, and a waste of funds and time for the developers.

Moving to modded and setting up a few plugins to cover and protect your server is the best way to go. Sorry but running a “vanilla server” is a terrible idea. You can easily setup a modded server with only admin plugins and still have your server vanilla from the outside.

I bet if they made Legacy open-source there would suddenly be no hackers left and Legacy-community would be much better than experimental will ever get. Also what the fuck is going on with legacy’s server files right now?

Now that the concept of Legacy has been created it is no longer some hidden gem. If you and all the other die hard legacy fans took the time to organize you could just as easily recreate legacy on unity/udk/u4 which could “suddenly be no hackers left” and also have a community that “would be much better then experimental will ever get”.