New Hacks

So there has been some new hacks going around, I have experienced them on two servers basically what’s happening now is le script kiddies are able to shoot like 10k arrows in a single shot, hell I re spawned with like 200 in my head…

People tell me not to get mad in chat, but err… I’m a solo player spent hours grinding to just get supplies for a shit shack and some guy turns up and demolishes my stone walls with this arrow hack then proceeds to loot then grief me by walling my door in.

This is the only real downside with rust, encounters with hackers are not as forgiving as other games any ways, I look forward to seeing better anti-cheat systems in the future - one can only appreciate that this is alpha and issues are being addressed more quickly than ever before.

it’s been fixed. played for 300 hours on the new rust, haven’t met a single cheater.

Ah right garry patched it this morning, great.

But aim and esp are still there.

ouch 10 shots… im sure rust will be all over fixing that

verka serduchka is a known fly hacker and aim botter and has been harrassing the server ( Facepunch Toronto 2 ) been reported by a good 15-20 people. Still on the server. Only game on his accont with 33 hours played. Often change name.

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He also runs with SLOTH? a other known hacker thats been around for about 50hour game play.