New Hardcore Survival PVP Server. [US][New]PVP/Sleeper/CustomLoot/Active-Fair-Admins/DoorShare

Just press F1 and enter “net.connect” to join (no quotes).

This is a brand new server based in Dallas, Texas. It uses the Oxide mod and has door sharing, custom loot, restricted research/craftables.
The aim of this server is to diversify the loot and make it harder to get end game gear. The military loot is really rare and most high end gear cant be researched or crafted.

PVP is encouraged as is raiding but please no griefing. We have active, friendly and helpful admins. We will be adding/changing features at the players request (i.e voting). We would love to do community events and if we can get a steady group of players a whitelist could be implemented to keep out the riff raff (if that’s what the players want).

Basically this server is a hardcore survival one at heart but it is flexible and will evolve to be the most fun for our players. I hope to see you in game!