New Haven Base Raiders

This game mode was originally developed by Darkspider and Trigzu for Darkland Servers, host of the popular Fortwars and SEOW RP gamemodes of late.Thanks to Sportsfreak, Proximity and any other contributors I am missing, we are pleased to announce the relaunch of this gamemode under the New Haven Servers banner.Create or join a gang to dominate the city. Grow massive cannabis farms, and defend it from your rivals. Counter-fit your cash, if gardening is not your thing, but keep in mind without a watchful eye and close friends, you can lose it all.

There are 4 territory / resource generation hubs to control in the map. Gangs gain experience by holding these points. They generate resources for your gang to utilize (at a trickle). These resources can be scavenged outside anywhere in the map normally.Controlling of territory is paramount to cash generation and base construction, as many of important craftables require these resources.

The power plant governs total power available in the city. Players can only use power sockets to power items if there is available power. The power plant output can be boosted +50% by providing wood to the furnace inside.Prop-Blocked Bases are acceptable, all props are destroyable, fortifications will be needed!

  • Custom content
  • Full panel crafting system and inventory management
  • Gang vaults- Fastdl server and addon package for quickjoins
  • VIP system coming soon
  • Other new features coming, to be determined.

Server Information

Discord: newhaven

NOTE: You will be required to download and run Counter Strike Source once before joining (weapons) (pm me if you don’t have access to CSS and need content

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