New Hax

I’m on Seattle 3 (facepunch official) There are several code hackers which have evaded EZ-anticheat auto-ban detection but have continued to aimbot for three days straight.

Is it possible isolate these people before they take out the largest and most civilized community on the official west coast (a group of like-minded individuals)? Their egregious use of aimbots has been well documented and reported. They have multiple accounts and are from the western hemisphere. Why cannot these be removed, these nonfactoring malefactors?

Seriously, wake the fuck up and do something.

here’s them “doing something”. a lot of something. thousands upon thousands of bans. i’m sorry they’re not magically banning your “several” hackers who have been fucking around for 3 measly days, but maybe you need to adjust your expectations.

You ought to be fair sometimes, before I joined these forums, I had no idea whatsoever that the twitter account existed, both EAC and FP is not really huge on massive information really.

i’ll give the benefit of the doubt when it is given to others, mate; the op seems to be presuming that the devs and EAC are doing nothing about the hacker problem and their post has a general tone of “fix ur shit” without any understanding of the scale of this issue. and most of this is covered in the last few devblogs, or within the first page of threads.

sometimes it’s better to lurk a little while before you throw around accusations (directed at the op, not yourself).

Well true then, there is hackers and cheaters everywhere, in all games, its something you most likely cant change and if somehow any game in the world got cheat free, it would only last 20 minutes, before a new hack/cheat appeared.

That said, EAC does a tremendous amount of work and FP does patch the holes as they come around to it.

There is always going to be cheaters on online games.
And they are banning left and right. I’m on salt small 1 and every 15 mins a ban goes in chat. The system is kicking Ass. Maybe when the game goes up in cost

EAC is working pretty well, Back in legacy there were hackers nearly everywhere Superjumpers, Russianaimbotairstrikes, Airdrop Teleport looters, ESPers everywhere, and nearly every second player had an Aimbot running.

I played for 6 months straight and there was only 1 guy i saw Confirmed cheating which got vacd on his Main account. so i guess they are doing there job good.