New HD Eye Model™

Professional Eye models for the L4D characters. Let’s hear what you think. Yes, I know Francis’s Eyes are a little off-center.


Apparently PNGs aren’t liked by Imageshack.
Compare my eyes to the professional Eyes that Pixar makes.

Pixar’s Eye.

Way too much white. I’m pretty sure that part of the eye isn’t completely white.

and Yes, I know how white they are.


Way ahead of ya.


and yes, I already dumbed down the reflections in the newer pictures that you’re not able to see.


I am now using an official eye white texture.

I think you’re a douche for putting “TM” in your title.

Troll much?

You should ad some faintly visible red veins to the eyes.

What’s so special about them? (Other than the fact they look even more like porcelain than the original ones, I mean)

Woulden’t hurt, huh


They look closer to glass than porcelain and that’s due to the high quaility reflective aspects of them.

Closer inspection to the original eyes reveal the low-quaility of them. They are just as reflective.


The reflection are dumbed down due to the smudgy quaility of them. You’re quick to criticise without a valid comparison.

i like it

I prefer the originals.

It looks like a basic sphere with a crappy texture applied.
The original eyes look much more natural and better.


Also you can’t put the TM in the title, since you didn’t actually trademark anything in this.

Looks completely unrealistic.

Compare it to the Pixar Eye, buddy. It’s not supposed to look realistic, it’s supposed to resemble a professional CGI Eye. Funny how oyu’re trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about. This eye is made of multiple layers and pices, one transparent morphed layer, a pupil with a UV wrap on it, a fliped and copied center all assempled, textured and reflected.

A “professional” CGI is supposed to look realistic. Pixar’s eye looks like that because it goes in a movie that is supposed to look like a cartoon, not completely realistic. You’re using it with models that are supposed to look realistic and not cartoonish, so it doesn’t fit at all.


Also we have a whole thread for posting small models like this, don’t make new threads for every simple thing you make.

Another professional Example.

Compare my design with an example that matters, Simkas.

You didn’t read what I said, did you?

That’s the look I’m going for, A CGI looking Eye. I’m advertising it on L4D characters but who cares? I’m showing you the eye, not the characters. Go troll someone else.

First, you need to learn what “trolling” means.
Second, why are you even posting it here if it’s not going to be used in gmod or source?
And third, as I said, we have a whole thread dedicated for posting small stuff you make.

Should have used TF2 models then.

Let’s hear your definition, Simkas. After all, you’re the expert, right?


TF2 don’t compare in quaility. Like L4D Eyes, they’re a simple flat surface with a material lapped on it and reflections. Basicaly they suck.