New headshot dmg

Is it just me or is everyone else getting headshot left and right just trying to get enough wood to build a shack by the first person to rush the rad zone and get an M4. The new headshot one shot is kind of BS IMO. What do you guys think?

Headshots kill… as they should.

Seems in order.

Or I should say 1 shot headshots from across the field.

skilled headshots kill… as they should

seems in order

Perfect, Love the new headshot system.

EDIT: Sorry I read the post wrong. I mery much wanted this update. If you can fall 10 feet and die realistically then headshots should do proper damages.

Is 1 shot hs really a kill? Confirmed with full kevlar?

He was saying it’s a one shot death while naked. I’m sure armor will negat this. Makes sense to me. If you’re naked a bullet will drop you. (I’m not one of those “realism” guys)

This makes armor more viable, especially at the earlier levels. Hell, I’d never put ANY of the other armor on, I would just farm rad zones until I found kevlar. Now, maybe I’ll need to.

Yea, I prefer headshots instakilling nakeds, it’s alot better.

Any info on what the new multiplier is? Used to be 2.5x

In a land where everyone and everything wants to kill you and “has your stuffs”…

…running around naked is a bad idea.

Who knew?

Nakeds is as dangerous as anyone else, just because they do not have armor doesn’t mean they dont have a gun :slight_smile:

you might aswell hide a shotgun behind that rock

If you fall 10 feet and die, you either landed on your head which is impossible in this game, or your bones are as brittle as toothpicks and ice.