New helicopter AI

I think that it would be cool if when there a lot of deaths in an area, a heli is sent in and try to kill everyone in an area. Also, when the heli flies past a armored base it would shoot rockets until it is gone, or someone starts shooting at it. but the heli would only have 10 bursts of rockets before it has to leave, but it will still shoot at people normally, it just cant shoot rockets. So if there was a raid and 11 people died, you have about 5 minutes to get the loot and run because the heli will come and try to destroy the base. it would also only attack people that have more than 5 kills in that life. suggest more AI changes or tell me how much you hate me!

I like the idea behind a heli that comes to an area where many people died and posing another thread to the “victors” of that battle. Not much time to netflixx and chill about your victory, go grab the loot and get out of there.
I absolutely dislike the idea of heli attacking armored bases just because they are there. That is no good way to give more of a challenge to a high tier base since it would just bring destruction to anyone who invests in his base. The decay as it is now is already a bad idea and this would make it worse.
Also, heli destroying the base after a raid with enough deaths? So you want to hurt the defeated base even more? That makes no sense for me.
Some sort of Karma system for “killers” sounds interesting, but how could the heli know that? There need to be more ideas behind it.

The heli is still under early construction (i remember reading the version that is in now itself is only finished 85%), so i won’t start serious thinking about needed changes until the rust devs finished their work on it.

my thinking behind destroying the base after is that the defenders don’t usually come back, they just abandon it. so its cleaning up the map for new bases. it would be pretty easy to track how many kills because the kill counter is all ready in the game, it is just not shown anywhere.

Depends. If you have a base that is well designed, there might be hidden respawn points, seperated areas and stuff, so raiders would have to break into multiple areas instead of just breaking in at one point. So they might find one hot spot with loot and stuff but might miss the other 2 hotspots that also have loot and stuff in it.
What MIGHT be an idea is the heli incoming and instead of attacking the base, it attacks just the peoples. So if you are too slow with your raid, a heli comes and poses a thread to BOTH sides :>

I think that a vertibird like craft would be more suited to rust than a heli, seeing as the caretakers are a thing.

Perhaps have the Helicopter patrol “hot” areas of the map aswell (Hot defined as high-mortality areas), rather than only randomly between the monuments and such. So if players build a new town and it’s very often a theatre of shootouts, a heli will naturally add it to its flight path, just like it adds landmarks and so on.

I think they need to add flying saucers too.