New helicopter

Does anyone know if this helicopter coming out will be something for us to fly or will it be similar to the airdrop from the plane?

Pretty sure we can’t fly it. It will probably be similar to an air drop.

On the other hand, I would love to get some naked roadkills as I rain down missiles on bambi huts.

Oh gawd

do you really that desperate to kill sitting ducks or u are physically challenged to kill someone at our own level?

From what I have read it will only be a event that will kill people and blow up buildings. Helk said it won’t be driveable (yet). I sure hope players could shoot it down for loot.

It will be an event like the airdrop, where it will come, and people will hear it in the distance and hide or run for it, because when the helicopter’s coming, you’re fucked. It’s going to rain down on people who have been naughty. It will shoot people based on whether they’re holding weapons, or armor. It will have a m249 SAW and rocket pods, which will be used to murder bandits. Buildings probably won’t hide you, because the rocket pods will find you. Trees can be used to hide yourself from the helicopter. So for god’s sake, hug a tree. In the future you will be able to shoot it down to obtain high-grade military items. It will not be operated by players, but it could be in the future (especially when the map is opened up).