NEW - Hello Kitty Cannon - Warning Very Badass !

Oh Ye' I went thar

Just a weapon I made to exercise my ol’ skillz xD n to test if was gonna let me upload my crap

Hexed and Standalone, Will not replace any weapons

I would like to know why I could upload this weapon, but I couldnt upload my Combat SMG pack :S

It's 38mb and will upload to other file sharing websites, please help meh to help u

Yay !! Two Dumb ratings FTW, Keep downloading, it’s supposed to be dumb >:D

Mind telling us what it does? Fires kittens?

Wehay! Finally a REAL badass weapon!

It fires a 7million Caliber bullet to the sound of kittens :smiley:


O’ yeaaaaah :slight_smile:

What the fuck? I don’t get it.

LOL basically it means you turn your own brain to sh#t when firing it, that it is sooo awesome. Download it n you’ll be infected by the 5 minute randomness :smiley:


you could google it if you don’t get it ??

I don’t really think this SWep is worth releasing.

Yup, I know.

That’s the whole reason why I released it, ITS TOTALLY POINTLESS !!

a pun against the real crap being uploaded to


You just edited the chair-thrower from the wiki.

So you think posting this crap here mocks the stuff on

Wow, you are real hero.