New hemp Mushroom/Usage

Allright i know it seems kinda obvious but i think this could be great fun and since rust is a game of jungle law and madness this only seems aproppriate

Instead of hemp giving you cloth directly it should first appear as hemp in your inventory where you would have to create cloth with the hemp
now that we have hemp in the inventory there should be an option to ingest it, simply eat it, maybe later on smoke it? but the effects of marjuana should be that it lowers your food (munchies) and increases your hearing range like you would be able to hear ppl that are further away than you normally would hear maybe like 25% longer, and also the colors should become a little more instense and little bit blurry

Mushrooms on the other hand should just give straight up visual and audio hallucinations if you eat like 20 within a minute, 1 hallu could be a ghost wolf trying to attack you, gun shots near your position that arent actually there you get the idea :slight_smile:

Duration of these effects should be really long like atleast 1 day in rust

and maybe the chance for permanent psychosis on mushrooms so it lasts untill death

I think we should be able to extract poisons from certain kinds of mushrooms.

There are a few problems.

  1. Hemp has a very very low THC content and therefore will not get you high if you smoke it.
  2. Very few mushrooms cause hallucinations.

Taking drugs in rust wouldnt give you any “boost” as being high irl doesn’t give you “magic” hearing.
That being said I’m down for crafting poison.

Do like the idea of hemp fibers being harvested, instead of cloth. Then you could make cloth, cheap paper, cord and rope. The latter could be used for footwear, traps, triplines, bowstrings, fishing!!!, bolo, spear fishing, lasso (who doesn’t want a deer mount?), cork strings on hats to keep the flies away, rigging for sails (once boats are in).

not too fussed about getting high, but a poison that causes hallucinations would be pretty cool.

hemp i believe is already an alternative source of cloth.

If you dosed up on pcp maybe you could ignore all damage done that isnt head shots or bleed damage.Would be good for any wannabe berserkers out there .

I like this concept. You know where the term Assassincomes from?
Their name comes from arabic Ḥashshāshīn which means “users of hashish”. Just like berserkers, they used drugs before they attented to do their job (killing people).

Hashish has many pros and many cons for fighting. Stimulating drugs usually lower the perception of the environment but helps to focus, while hashish does the opposit. The user will not be able to focus on specific enemies that well, but the general perception of surrounding will rise.

So by smoking hemp, the player gould get a little blurry shader in the central view, while color intensity, contrast and ability to hear sounds over distance could rise.

Fly agaric on the other hand, has a really specific effect. The user receives hallucinations of low intensity and gets really tired. He will not fall asleep automatically, but if he cannot resist the appetence to lay down, he will fall asleep (this is basicly the exact effect in reallife). This could be used to fake death, so opponents will ignore one in firefight, until a mate comes to give you the antidot.
After eating a fly agaric, the user should get massive lowered perception of everything, like everything gets really blurry, sounds will echo alot, moving a streight line is impossible, but he will still be able to move.
User then must have the chose to lay down, which would make him fall asleep.
You could try to get behind enemies inside a fight, eat the mushroom and they wont shoot at you anymore, since they think you’re dead. If a mate reaches you and give you an antidot, you can kicktheir asses together.

dude i dont know if you know this but im for gameplay and the realism can take a hike… there could be female hemp plants around with the “flower” that could get you high, and yeah it could be only certain types of mushrooms but that was implied

Mushrooms for poison weapons, hemp for crafting syringes and other medical items. Directly they should not do much.

not feeling pain =/= not taking damage.

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Sure… lets add other fake shit into the game? Who wants Dinos and magic?

Yeah, dinosaurs are really fake :v:

In a post-apo world? Sure, everyone knows that atomic bomb can bring T-Rex skeleton back to life.

agreed. the only thing i could see that would represent this decently would be a temp buff to health, and no damage indicators(like the blood, or frost overlays) blocking the players view for the duration.

when it wears off, you lose the buffed health and may die. and the overlay comes back full force.

Again it would NOT be a health BUFF it as you dont get magic extra HP. It could however turn off the overlay.

i’m not explaining your vision on it. i’m giving my opinion on what i think would work:) also keep in mind that the buff is only for the duration of the effect.

the extra hp represents the adrenaline/whatever coursing through your body, which allows you to temporarily continue functioning where you would normally not be able to. check out the footage of cops vs pcp. these guys keep running because the body ignores the signals telling it how damaged it is, but once the pcp wears off, it figures it out pretty quickly.

just no… its already bad enough people have med kits and med pens that give health back nearly immediately.

How should that be brought into game? Sure, on pcp one is practically immune against pain, but also motor activity is limited. What’s the benefit of not receiving damage indication and no red-blurry vision, if you can’t aim anymore and walk like a retard and after a while just drop down beeing dead, because you didn’t notice that you’re bleeding at 70%?

Aside, pcp is synthentic. There’s no flora containing it.

It’s only a matter of time - every single survival game has booze and or drugs to consume.

In DayZ you can get addicted to drugs and it has a negative side effect.

It would be cool if we got the plant that Somolian pirates are all hooked on, some weird plant chew.

i’m not saying PCP should be put into rust. i’m saying that a drug like PCP could be represented by having a temporary health buff and having the player not suffer from the overlays until the drug wears off. it doesn’t need to have the same side effects, it’s a game. i’m all for a degree of realism, but gameplay has to be considered.

a medical syringe full of low grade fuel is going to give you septicaemia, not heal you. a human cannot carry 40 tools unaided. people don’t respawn when they die. but all of these improve gameplay.

So basicly, you want something similar to alchemy from RPGs?