New here and trying out Rust

Hi, Just a student who is gona give Rust a go.
Any tips for first timers to keep in mind to make the learning curve a little easier on me :D?

Shoot anyone have no mercy, no matter how pitifull people sound you either club their skulls with a rock/pick or shoot them dead. Either they have resources you need or they have a shotgun and are going to blast your skull the second you turn around. Don’t listen to the “don’t shoot on sight” hippies who are going to post in about 30 minutes time.

Feel free to play with me (and my crew), i’ll be online in a hour :slight_smile:

Add me on Skype: holdfire16

You will be shot at and attacked alot unless you play on a PvE/non PvP server. DO NOT tell people “I’m friendly” as that is the quickest way to get killed.

Don’t join crews/factions either, you get a name very quickly and then can be hated. Maybe play with a group of friends but don’t give yourself “tags” or stuff like that. You’ll be shot more often if you do.

don’t trust in rust.
simply as it is.

play for your own amusement.

You’ll loose stuff but eventually you’ll find some people it’s worth dying for…

Not everyone is a dick, simply keep that in mind.

Maybe once you know them, but if you don’t know them they will make you suffer!

Oh i played on the NA server. I forget wich 1. People were annoying here and there but you get to meet those few ppl that will legit be helpfull and help you out. It felt kinda nice working with som1 to build shelters and doors. Only thing I was gona say was some initial tips would be nice but I guess the games in like Alpha stage anyway so they have other things to work on I suppose


We are a friendly server and are running a VIP rescue mission event tonight at 8pm London time. you are more than welcome to join us and ask any questions you want. We have an arena we run events in weekly.

We also have chat commands such as private messaging, grouping and a remove mod to destory wrongly placed buildings and return the materials.

Get on a low pop server such as teamplayergaming server their site is