New HL2 map: The House

hello. Here’s a map i’ve been working on: The House.
A Dark, scary map with 3 floors, and it’s very, VERY dark.
There’s lots of events and surprises.

Link for Download:
It’s still under development so it will have more detail in the future.
If you play the map, here’s a hint: If you get stuck, there’s a button. lol

its gotten to the point where i’m not sure how to reply to these threads. do i give actual criticism or do i just assume this is a joke?

in case it’s serious

blocky, dull brushwork. spice it up more
repeated textures, use more variation and decals
detail your buildings more with interior props and other things
give lights sources and make them a different tone of colour, lights aren’t usually pure white and that bland
create a 3d skybox to give the illusion of a world beyond the boundaries
give your windows frames

i’d give more advice but i’m 99% sure this is a joke

LOL as i said, it is still under development =) i WILL add more textures, and i will make a good sky there.

don’t post a map unless you have something good to show us, unless it’s a wip (this is a release).

get lost and come back when you know how to make 128 height walls and masterize texture applying

Now now, that’s not the way to treat newbie-mappers :v:

Sh4rpsh00tah, your map is very bare and boring with absolutely no attention to detail, your textures are unaligned and you should honestly look at other (better) maps, and learn how to make your map look much better before you release your maps like this.

Some things I noticed are: Brick wall in an old house? The same wall textures literally everywhere. Moss growing inside? a Danger sign in someones bedroom next to a huge bare window?

I totally understand you’re comment and appreciate that.
I just finished the layout of the map and it’s 0:08 AM right now and i need to sleep.
I forgot that danger sign there and the walls are a mess, yes.
But please give me some time before you start judging.

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Just Get the Fuck out if you’re not interested and i see you’re such a dumbass that you can’t read.
I hope you even get that right.

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Alright, nice to see you’re taking criticism the right way, most new guys just see it as insults and throw hissy fits and leave

Also I would say I can judge your map when you released it the way it is, and you posted us the screenshots to see. You should wait until you have more to show us
But you should take what I said into consideration when you can, look at other peoples maps, look how an actual house’s walls are built, and get cranking :smile:

I am cranking it right now! :smiley:
and i’m super tired, i will continue in 10 hours lol
I will update the post then!

I have to admit, OP, everything about your map scares me a lot.

Random lights scattered around, wat?

i dont understand this argument, we are supposed to give our opinions on the map correct?

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your lights need sources, windows need frames, rp maps usually consist of multiple buildings, not one large one, your texturing is bad, and overall needs much more work
why are there zombies btw

Zombies are spooky. Duh. :v:

There’s no need to be elitist. We were all new once. Step off your high horse.

Reminds me of the maps I used to make when I first started mapping…
The memories…

So I actually played his map, he had light sources but they were physics props and therefor didn’t spawn. Shame he could take criticism because other than aesthetics the map wasn’t terrible.

Hen Mazolski, is that you?