New Horizons Development Community

Hey everyone want to make this brief, I have enacted a collective development team, based around a idea of having a mass community of creative designers such as modelers, mappers, and possibly programmers but we aren’t focusing on programming right now. Our purpose is to serve game mode developers who need maps by a large team. I am inviting anyone who knows or is willing to learn a skill such as modeling material making mapping etc, Several members who know what they are doing will help teach along side provided tutorials. We aren’t extremely formal but if your interested please join the discord to learn more, currently have 10
devs at the current time, no application as we are trying to get as many people as we can, only rule is that you are active within the community and that you can actually make a attempt at learning it New Horizons Community Hub

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Do you have any work to show off from any of your members?
Personally I’m not very interested in joining a Discord where I have no idea what I’m joining


I have currently 15, about it we have about 5ish full devs, the rest are trainee who Im helping transition to src2. Currently 2 full time modelers and the rest are mappers. The clue thing is the only one I have on myself the full devs are the following who have posted content to the workshop, the rest have worked as devs on other servers.

Another summary as of now we don’t have the most skilled people, currently Im just helping transition with hopes of them being able to make great maps for s&box. And along with that just to help out with gamemode devs to make maps in a group so its easier to pump them out.
Ill make a better formatted post later on but there are still some things to change before it being finalized such as name logo applications etc. I am currently partnered with the ttt reborn team

thanks for the awesome information.