New horror map, need help with triggers and scares.

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a new horror map, you might know my old horror map called gm_parasite, unfortunately i lost all my data to that map cause of a computer crash so i cannot build any further on that. I love building atmosphere, but i suck at triggers, animations and scares and stuff. I cannot find good tutorials on them, so if you any of you could send me a link or help me out i would appreciate that.
(sorry for my english)

Read these articles on creating horror, then check out some tutorials on what can be achieved using triggers.

Read some of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. They are great source for horror inspiration.

Thanks! I can work with that, but do you actually have these tutorials ?

There probably aren’t any specific tutorials for what you’re looking for, but I found this which might help you:

All they’ve done here is attached a trigger once brush to a func_brush, and set it to toggle when triggered.

Also check out Nightmare House 2 as a prime example of horror in the Source Engine.

Thank you for your time to help me.

I think i can use it. What about the girl who runs by or the skeleton apearing, it that like a trigger_once ?

Not a problem.

The ‘girl running past’ (although I think it was a man!) will just be an npc_citizen (give it a name, something descriptive and unique) set to spawn on one side of the room and a scripted_sequence placed where you want them to walk. Set the name of the npc_citizen in the target npc field and choose movement to walk/run/whatever.

Then you use a trigger brush to activate the scripted_sequence.

Thank you very much! This will keep me busy for a while.