*NEW* http://RUST.DREADCRAFT.NET [Adult Admin(s)] [Sleepers] [PvP] [CUSTOM] - net.connect us.dreadcraft.net:28020

WEBSITE: http://www.rust.dreadcraft.net/

IP : net.connect us.dreadcraft.net:28020

The server is professionally hosted in Montreal, CA - but has a fantastic connection ping for international and USA players and 24/7 up-time!

How to Connect
1. Press F1
2. Copy/paste: net.connect us.dreadcraft.net:28020

- Essentials Mod! (Feb 17 Update)
- PvP - No pain no gain
- Door Sharing, locking, etc - /share /unshare
- Warzones (work in progress)
- Sleepers (30min)
- 200 Slots - Scale-able larger or smaller based on community
- Active, Friendly, Adult Admins! 
- Starter Kits
- Custom Drop Rates, powerful items are rarer.
- Airdrops Start at 5!
- Server FRESH MAP! as of *2-17-14*
- Custom Ranks Coming
- Donators now receive the command to check who owns a structure by clicking on it!

**NOTE: Admins give no favors or privileges to anyone. We have a very strict policy of not spawning items, teleporting, etc. **

CHEATERS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED (and promptly banned)


Raidcall (VOIP):
Group ID: 4704866

Finally a place for mature players and a fresh starting server too! Count me in.

Welcome aboard!

No lag, seems good.

Agree on everything except for adult Admins.

This is a previously banned player (goes by the name of Nakamura). Thank you for your reply!

I was an admin, i got banned becouse the owner can’t stand losing an argument, and what an interesting argument… he insulted me and i just told him he wasn’t being professional.

I just felt like sharing my opinion about what my experience was about on the server, wich except for that episode was quite good, you shouldn’t try to start the whole story, its a waste of time for the both of us.

This is a great server, by far the best i have found! Very active, helpful, and friendly staff. This is my new server of choice, come join us!

Yeah I reckon us Dreadcraft folks sure are some friendly people! Here is a pic of my new house.

Yeah like i said, my experience overall on the server was quite good, ecluding excluding the episode i had as an admin, wich shouldn’t count for a normal player

I used to play on Dreadcraft before it started the retail server and I had no lags most of the time. People playing on the server were cool and I enjoyed playing with them.

But my experience with the lead admin was pretty bad. The server had problems pretty often and I wouldn’t mind that but the lack of communication, apparent censorship and strange things happening around made me quit. If you’re that type of person who just don’t care about drama behind the scenes then yeah this server is cool. If you do mind that one day bunch of admins get banned and silenced while trying to inform the community about what happened then run 'cause this is far from professionally handled server.

I explained this in a little bit more detail on dreadcraft forums. I used the same nickname as I’m trying to be as honest as possible. I mean no disrespect but this is the stuff I would want to know before I dedicated a lot of my free time to a server.

Your Admin name? Oh wait Nakamura? The guy that went on an emotional rampage spree because he could not handle a “temporary” suspension from the Admin rank? If you are unable to conduct your self in a sensible manner without causing mass drama, you should not be a admin in the first place.

Good day to you sir as well & thanks for the bump.

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haha epic! ;D

Damn and i even asked to not try to bring the whole story out, i was even trying to say your server has good points, if you stop the conversation now, you can still save this thread and the advertisement of you server.

Nice Server to play on! Really friendly Admins!.. Nice Support and i live in far east Europe and i have no lag on this server. the server is located in CA… Enjoy your stay on DreadCraft! :slight_smile:

The amount of players we had to deal with resulted in us not being able to get to everyone. When there are 2-3 admins and 60+ players that require help whether it is whitelist, technical or simply player reports related, it is rather hard to make sure everyone is happy and fully satisfied. I am not sure what sort of censorship you are talking about. Abusive behavior usually was allowed depending how severe (usual insults is something that happens in FPS communities hence we did not censor it). The only censorship I can think of is advertising other servers or simply being racist.

We do apologies for the inconvenience that you may have experienced but in future please talk to other members of the staff team so that your problem can be resolved.

Also no, only one admin got banned after he was unable to handle a demotion. The first admin (RasmusOP) was banned due to abusive behavior (command abuse). It seems that some of the players have only seen the loudest minorities view on the actual matter.

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Thank you for the advertisement bump.


Just an update for the central European players about the ping.

Playing from the **UK **gives me about **110-150 **ping which is totally manageable. Once you start hitting mid/high 200s you might experience delays between actions.


Custom mods make this quite the unique experience finally a server that is not generic.

New Banners created!





More coming soon, will make a proper thread design as well.

Good friendly community staff makes it their mission to ensure players have an opportunity to play Rust without hackers. They do this to the best of their ability because we all know that it’s very difficult to prevent hackers at the moment from playing and ruining our experiences.

The admins on the server are power hungry.