New Hydra

Please don’t cry about the Brightness :jihad:


What’s up with the black and white border?

The abrupt clash between the red and blue ‘glow’ effect - on top of the dude as if that’s not enough already - really does not look good at all.

What? there is no blue glow effect

If you’re going to take that attitude to criticism then do us all (and yourself) a favour and don’t even bother posting your work.

I just told you a pretty big fuckup you made so that you know not to make it again. If you can’t handle that, then you have no business showing screenshots here. People who post things just in the hopes people will verbally suck them off don’t survive here for very long, so you better unfuck your attitude real fast.

can you try to say for your First time “Oh this is nice but you need to work on this, this…” :effort: or something like that… And, in every post.

don’t be an ass

Or he could flat out insult you and call your screenshot an insipid piece of trash.

But he didn’t. Ross’ criticism is intended to help you improve, not be insulting.

If I said it was nice I’d be lying. It’s not eye-gougingly horrible, but I absolutely refuse to lie just so you can feel like a special little snowflake and thus ignore everything I say that follows the ‘but’.

If anyone’s being an ass, it’s sure not me.

Why is that the people who are beginners get insanely butt hurt over any sort of criticism given to them? I can understand if it some douche who doesn’t give one tip or piece of advice but come on now.

Also no I will not post any tips or advice because rossmum took the words right out of my mouth anyways.

Posing’s not that good but I guess that’s ok.

The stream thing is kind of hard to see due to it being practically white-on-white. Also, the desert is tiling a lot in the background

Good observation.

Huh, interesting, i thought no one would use that thing again.

[sp]thats my old perskin[/sp]

If something impales you, I don’t think you would be able to see that somethings colors from outside of you. I also don’t think that when something is going through you it sparkles outside of you.