:New Idea: A Degrading World

****I couldn’t Come up with a good title that covers everything, sorry if you were miss-lead.

So, the idea is if you don’t take care of your items, tools, food, buildings, ect. it will become weaker and degrade in quality and use you get out of it.

Tools: You can find sharpeners, oils and scrapes to repair your tools from breaking or become worthless. EXP. Axes become dull and take more hits to use. Fix, Sharpen it. Pickaxe, relativity the same as an axe. Any other tools they add in the future, I think the Devs could think of that when and if it comes.

Food: If you store food for long periods of time, it would become tainted or infected with bugs, In Rust you’re not living int he best conditions. You’ll need to check it often or the infection might spread to other food stored near or in the same container.

Building: This may be the most controversial, seeming that player built structures are meant to be long term. However ( I don’t have the game myself, I am trying to purchase it whenever I see a decent price) I’ve seen a number of building that seem abandoned and just sit there. It would be cool if bugs such as termites would infect it and slowly decade the structure to relatively nothing.

These are some of my ideas that I think would make Rust go in the direction the Devs want it to, not just a PvP hell storm.

Leave your ideas on my ideas, yours, or other in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

structures do decay, but i think tools that damage over time would be cool.

Oh, I was unaware of structures decaying, as I said I don’t have the game myself to experience anything first hand, sorry if anything i say is wrong

I would love a mechanic where you’d sharpen your hatchet, pickaxe or whatever. And then make like a minigame out of it. Not just “Sharpen” but you actually do something with it. The same with oiling and maintaining your weapons. It goes hand in hand with my gun customization suggestions (You assemble different parts and stuff) where you’d basically find parts which were bad, they’d have a color or some particles, and you just clicked them to clean/oil them.

Ooh guys, I just had a marvelous idea. How about structures don’t fully decay, just get to an excessively low health so you could hatchet through if you wanted to?

For decay, I wouldn’t mind more models. The black gradient annoys me to no end.