New Idea for GameMODE

I have this new idea which would be great.
If you have seen the movie “In-time” you should understand where I am getting at.
I think that they should create a game-mode where you use time to judge how long you live, and that you have to either rob/job/etc.
Tell me what you think, and if you have anything else to add be my guest :P.

So, it’s a RP gamemode that should be like “In-Time”? Also, who’s “they”?

I think it’s fucking stupid.

You asked.

If I could code lua,I would not waste my time on this.

My opinion anyway.

The film was good, this idea is not.

its not a rp script RATED BOXES

would be stupid since people would just join and disconnect to reset their timers, and there would be no persistence.

I think he’s talking about a RP gamemode based on time - you get time & use it to buy your stuff.
You earn time by doing jobs. If your time runs out… Well, i don’t need to say that your not gonna be alive. “They” Is/Are the people that should create the GameMode because this is a request & i think this is too hard to be done.

I’ve seen the movie. It’s a pretty good film, and to be honest I had the idea of making an RP server based on it myself. It gives people an objective: to constantly earn more time so that they don’t die.

The idea could be polished a bit, and obviously your timer shouldn’t be reset when you rejoin the server.

The question is, though: would anyone even be interested?

It sounds interesting now that someone’s explained it, but there would definitely need to be some sort of discouragement to earn more time. Like, if you’ve been given the task to rob a bank if you want more time to live, the chance you’ll get killed while doing it needs to make you ask whether robbing the bank is worth it or not.

I could also see the tasks being assigned by a player, and the task-giver’s job should be to collect a given amount of some form of resource, like money. That way it’s sort of like an RTS for that player, and they’ll need to balance the resources that could be gained with the potential for failure or even the players simply flat-out refusing.

Yeah, this could be good now that I understand it.

Its sounds like it would be more success full as a console game then a garry’s mod gamemode.

I don’t see what’s so innovative about this so that it could be a good idea anywhere.

It’s the same as every other game out there only there’s one more way to die. And dying isn’t fun.

Lol. What happens when you die? Character deleted? Lose all your items? Nothing?

When so many things have been done already it becomes hard to generate new ideas.
This doesn’t even have to be RP, it could be more of a tactical gamemode that uses time as a resource. It’s a simple idea that can be expanded upon, I suppose.

[lvl-98] Jee-Man: afk 10 mins going for a sh-t
10 minutes later
[lvl-98] Jee-Man: OW WHATAHELL?!..

Ofcourse I’m sure Lua coders would find their way around this

Could be a chat command or something (/afk) that freezes your timer and makes you unable to play until you use the command again.

No, could be abused to hell with the 12 year olds.
They give their time to a friend
Their account dies
They make a new account

Death timers only work with fast paced and fun casual games, where the main objective is to survive the longest to get the best highscore. It would not work well in any serious or complicated gamemmode. Something like this COULD work in a free for all deathmatch gamemode where you gain points for the time you’ve spent being alive, and killing other players gives you more time before you’re automatically killed, but a lot of effort would have to be put into balancing.

Hmm, seems like a unique fun gamemode. Something I’d be tempted to do.

Could end up being just a generic death match though.
A gamemode I personally think would be a lot of fun, would be oddball/juggernaut with players as zombies.