New Idea: Megaphone

This is a very simple idea to add some more “meaningless content” to the game. I’ve seen the FP team add small impracticable items and features to the game such as the guitar and sign painting. Although neither of these actually have a practical use, they make the game more interesting.

What the FP team could add, is a MEGAPHONE! This item could simply broaden the range of your push to talk radius, increases the volume of the players voice whilst equipped. It could also add a minor re-verb and static whilst its in use so that it sounds more like a megaphone.

This could have hundreds of funny and in some cases annoying uses. I could imagine rolling up on a rival groups base with my megaphone equipped and my team behind me, voicing our propaganda or taunting them!

Another use could be attaching one to the side of your base, which could then be accessed from the opposite side of the wall which is attached to. People could use this as some kind of siren or perhaps access it as a more powerful version of the handheld megaphone!

Please let me know what you think of this idea!

I cant imagine any other use than trolling, but I think I’d be lots of fun ^^

late, but still an enjoyable idea:)

hey rustplayer69, rather than spamming disagree, how about you contribute to the thread?

Megaphones would be so fun to use :smiley:

Maybe even a boombox? Ppl can have those above their heads and play music that is in their steam libraty and annoy the living flying fuck out of everyone.

Bu i can only see a russian naked squad with megaphones just going around and yknow, talking russian