New idea - Signs!

Hello everyone, this is my first idea. Pray this goes well and doesn’t get flamed, as I’ve noticed many people on this forum enjoy to derail, flame, and ruin threads.

So, here it is, (if you’re too idiotic to read the title) - Signs!
So, a lot of buildings look very similar to one another, but what if you could use signs to leave messages and such? For example, say I craft a wooden shelter, but there are tons of wooden shelters around - BAM! I make a sign and write “Xland44’s wooden shelter” or something, and that way I will know how to differentiate between houses. Also, you should make it automatically censor words… Because, well, nobody likes people who shout swear words in caps lock.

Why not?

For me, it sounds fine idea.

Good idea.

Yes, most definitely.

Come on, there’s naked cavemen running around… I highly doubt censoring is on Garry’s mind in the slightest.

Sounds good to me. I’ve been seeing situations where signs would be good.

Good idea,people can warn others if they come to their base.

First “Putting torches on walls” and now signs? Sounds like the minecraft side of Rust might take over.

This game is already 18+ so why would you censor the word “fuck” or whatever, and pretty sure everyone loves people shouting swear words, isn’t that right, Gordon Ramsay.

Haha, good point. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I agree that this will be too annoying, houses are too dark at night, as well as outside houses. And flares run out eventually, so it’s annoying placing flares all the time in the house or always wasting wood just for light. I mean, it’s pretty much a necessity.

Already exist in my thread.

I don’t have the game yet (YET!!) but adding signs to the game I think is a MUST for this type of game, it will improve RPing and immersion, you can put up a sign outside your house “INTRUDERS WILL BE SHOT!”.
That would be awesome :slight_smile:

I kinda like the idea^^ Makes it easier to let you identify your own house. But i don’t think that a lot of players care about RPing in such a game. I guess if someone tries to RP in Rust he will have even worse chances of surviving then you already have now as a new player. Just my point of view^^ But in general it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

What will you write with? your own feces?

Maybe charcoal or something like that? I guess it wouldn’t be that hard to find something you can use for that.