New idea to help reduce large teams taking over servers

There should be an option for server owners to set a limit on how many people can access a door.
For example on a lower population server a group of 15 would dominate completely. To help counter this he could set “door.limit 5”

This would mean once the fifth person has added unlocked a door with a code, nobody else is able to.

And yes yes I know this doesnt make it impossible for groups of 15 to work together but it does make it harder for them and discourages it, and MOST importantly, it should be optional and set by the owner.

Lets see if we can get the Dev team to take note and comment!

Never gonna happen. They will never limit the power of large groups.

If you cant beat them, join them.

Just play on a server with active admins and a server team size limit that they impose.

The server I play on The Rusty Pickle @ has a strict group size limit of 7 and if they find you have more than 7 on they will split the group, if you don’t split they simply destroy your base. If that doesn’t work then they take more drastic measures.

Edit: They should make it so that you can only have max of 2 sleeping bags per player in a 40 meter radius or just 2 per player inside a tool cupboards range. And then they could make another restriction that there can only be a certain amount of players set of sleeping bags in a certain range.

This would help dissuade people from grouping too large.

If at all possible you should focus on ways to make things easier for solo players without penalizing bigger groups. The goal is as much freedom as possible, therefore any compromises should be subtle. I think this is a little too forced, there are better options available.

More options available to the server is adding more freedom. You can choose a server with large groups or you can choose a server with small groups. More choice, more freedom, happier players.

Required reading on any topic about balancing Rust to make it “easier”.

Rust isn’t finished and it is most certainly not balanced, but garry is going for certain things, and artificial restrictions like “only the first five people to touch it can unlock this door” go directly against those goals.

I quote: "What’s stopping it from becoming a PVP killfest? You. "

Rust is NOTHING beyond a big PVP “killfest”! Have a mod installed that shows when people die… its constantly x killed z with y weapon…

Be nice to some people and they instantly back stab you. And not only that, they will make even excuses to justify there actions. “O, we did not know it was you”. After they looted your body of all resources.

Then it’s a shame that garry announced that Rust’s balance is completely finalized and no more additions will be made, only bugfixing from now on. [sp]If you believe this I can’t help you[/sp]

It doesn’t sound like Rust is going to nerf large groups, or somehow “balance” inherently unbalanced teams. (Nor should it–those sorts of hard controls tend to feel artificial.) But we might see features that let solos or small teams survive by hiding and subsisting on the margins.

You know how you balance against big teams? make a big team. There is literally nothing at all you can do to fight against a large group of people, and nerfing them takes from the experience.
There was a group of like 10 people on a server all teamed up together, and i got sick of them (so did many others) so i actually sat there and grouped like 10 people together to fight against these twats. funnily enough some of the people i grouped together were quite literally raiding one and other when I got them all to tp to me. 5 minutes and i’d convinced every one of them except one (who i killed and told to piss off) to band together to fight these wankers.
Was a lot of fun, even won a few fights. Ended up leaving because the other team was sucking the d**k of the owner of the server, but we all left together. That’s how you go up against large teams. If you can’t beat em, wait til they piss off half the server and turn everyone against them.

Creating restrictions with options isn’t generating freedom, it’s generating restrictions with options. The current state already has freedom.